Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tomorrow, Something Nice Will Happen.

Tomorrow, something nice will happen. How do I start? Where do I start? How do I end? Where will it end? Let's see. Let's start with life, for what am I, and what are you, and what is this, and what is that, without life?

Tomorrow, a baby will be born. A person will be gone. A flower will bloom. A storm will loom. A new word will be created. A language may die. There will be new inventions. Discoveries. Conventions. Contentions. Someone will be proven right. Someone will fight for their right. Someone will win. And someone will learn, that one does not always win. After all, winning is not all.

An infant will rise. Stand up. And take the first step. Boldly, for it knows not the fear of falling. Dangerously, for it knows not what lies ahead.

A girl will become a woman. A boy will shave for the first time. A woman will fight. A man will cry. A parent will become proud. A teacher will inspire. A guest will be satisfied.

Someone will fall in love for the first time. For the n-th time. Someone will kiss, for the last time. Someone will marry. Someone will be single again.

Someone will find a greener pasture. Someone will discover the beauty of home. The universe will expand a little more, as it has, for eternity. And yet, on this earth, a new place will be explored, and a treasure will be uncovered.

I will sing a song. Play the flute. Meet a friend. Take a picture. Dream a dream. Read a book. Run a run. When I am sad, I know that someone out there is having fun. Shedding a tear, for that tear is unwanted in the eye. I know that someone will be on a vacation. In Paris. In Bali. In Delhi. In Jokulsarlon. In the Amazon. Or at home, savoring the simple pleasures of life. Thanking the unknown for this life. For family. For friends--the fat ones, the loud ones, the unwitty, the gentle and the kind.

A river will be born. A stream will die. The old will give way to the new. The present will learn from the past. Someone will learn that despair will not last. That happiness is everyone's to take. For it is not a limited commodity, but is a choice. Yes, happiness is a choice.

Something new will occur. A phenomenon. An idea. A story. A theory. A company. A hope. A hope that I will be born again. That I will smile again. A hope that tomorrow will be better. That life is not all that bad. That tomorrow, something nice will happen... to someone.


Aditya Govindaraju said...

I was wishing that you would end it as "Somebody's me" (Enrique). Just kidding :)

Hope is a great thing to have, I think it is a must.

Good one!

Bhanu Prasad said...

For the n-th time, I say, for the lack of vocabulary, for the lack of thought, I am spell bound.

For the n-th time, I say, you are something that we never knew, that we will never know. For, behind the stoic face (if I can say), there lies a personality, so deep, so mature and so rich in thoughts.

For the n-th time, a master piece.

Durga Prasad said...

Yes. Bhanu Prasad.
We only knew Vamsi. Vamsi as a nephew! We never knew what he was and we do not know what he is. Every day he is new! Some time an artist, another time a photo journalist, some other time a poet and yet another time......don't know what.
But all the time I knew that he is my nephew!

Vamsi K H Illindala said...

Thanks Adi!
Thanks ra Bhanu Prasad!
Thanks mamayya! I am humbled :-)